Oh Sit! season 1 episode 1 –premiere

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Oh Sit! premiered last night on CW 14 and man was that….an extreme game of musical chairs!!(<extra exclamation point intended)

Before watching the show; I had seen commercials for it and expected it to be kind of crazy, but it was definitely extreme.

First, what is the point of the show; why are these people putting themselves though all this humiliation? Well, money of course.

The contestants run around a obstacle course as the music plays and as they complete each piece on the course they gain $money$ which goes to their total, when the music stops then the contestants are allowed to cross the bridges to get to the chairs, but that’s not the end each chair has a dollar amount value placed on it ($5/10,000 all the way down to $0) and if they are so lucky as to sit their behind in the seat they then have to wait to find out what their dollar amount was placed on it. The contestant who sits in the final solo chair at the end wins all the money they stocked up though out the game. Everyone else gets….zilch. (Except maybe a bruised ego and a sprained knee)

For the most part if they sit in the $0.00 chair they lose because you don’t gain enough money on the obstacle course to beat out a chair (beyond the first round where there is a $50 chair).

The rules: you cannot start to cross the bridge to the chairs until the music has stopped, pushing is allowed EVERYWHERE on the course even on the bridges to the chairs, but there is no pushing above the neck. One contestant learned that the hard way when he was disqualified for such behavior.

The hosts are funny; always have a quick and sarcastic remark to say about the contestants and their performance. There are two hosts in the booth and one on the field (similar to “Wipe Out”) They sound a little rehearsed, but that’s the name of the game when it comes to game shows, right?

Each contestant is given a funny name (ala. “Flavor Flav’s; Flavor of Love”). One contestant had a long beard so he was named; beard, another was a former Marine so his nick name was you guessed it; Marine (pat yourself on the back if you guessed that one ;) ).

It looked like a no-so-athletic girl nick named; ‘farm hand’ was going to win because she kept sitting in the seats with the highest value. Sadly her tush ran out of luck, and the Marine was the champ on the night winning just over $34,000.00! Wowza! I wonder how much of that is taxed away?

They show was fun to watch and it was kind of fun to see all the elements of the set, although it made me feel a little ADHD at times because I didn’t know where to look and was trying to look at everything at once.

My final verdict will I watch this again, for sure!

Will you watch? Did you see Oh Sit!’s season premiere last night? If not, there is an encore episode tonight on CW 14 before the season premiere of “The Next”.

CW 14 60–Week of 8-19-12

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“Starting Friday, it’s the return of High School GameTime! FOX 11 and CW 14 team up to bring you the best coverage of local high school football.
It begins Friday morning in Good Day Wisconsin — I’ll be live with Emily Deem at Xavier High School, with in depth features on the players and students.
Coverage contines on FOX 11 News at Five and Nine — then get complete coverage with the show High School Gametime, every Friday night at 10 on CW 14.

Two new shows started this week on The CW.
Oh Sit! a extreme game of musical chairs … And The Next where music hopefuls get coached by seasoned vets in hopes of striking it big.
For my takes on the shows, click on “Blog” under CW 14 Star on CW 14 online. I’ll recap the shows and give you all the good deets.

Get to these stories and more like CW 14 Star on facebook or follow my twitter at CW 14 Star.”


Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee will be at ShopKo in Ashwaubenon

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ShopKo in Ashwaubenon is hosting a really exciting event on Sunday August 26th; a fashion show to show off Jenna Ushkowitz’s new line of Wallflower jeans.

The fashion show is taking place at ShopKo in Ashwaubenon. The event will kick off at 12:30pm sharp and go till 3pm. You’ll get to see all the cute jeans Jenna is premiering in her Wallflower line, available at ShopKo.

Not only will Jenna be in attendance at the event but three winners from the audience will get chosen to pick out there very own Wallflower outfit FREE and then chat with Jenna about your choices.

I had a lot of fun playing dress up in my Wallflower outfits and the commercial was a blast to record so I definitely canNOT wait attend the fashion show! See you there on Sunday August 26th!

Are You a Boomerang Kid?

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Thankfully I’ve never had to be a boomerang kid. I think the idea of moving back in with my parents (no matter how much money it saved me) would have been a horrifying experience. I think my dad agreed because he did help me pay for rent for a while.

While I’ve never experienced this; I do know friends who have moved back in with their parents and find that they are being shoved (picture trying to squeeze double the amount slimy putty into just one container) back into a teenage role. The lack of freedom and privacy can be suffocating.

This Huffington Post article touches on the phenomenon and shows how the ‘kids’ can (and should) set rules for their parents.


“As a former boomerang kid, I can offer six rules to help create a harmonious experience:
• We get that we’re living under your roof again, but try not to rub it in. It makes the fact that we couldn’t avoid moving back home that much harder to bear.
• Get a feel for what topics aren’t good ones to harp on. General inquiries into our job status, romantic possibilities and the like can be fine, but no one likes an inquisition.
• We get that we may be better at technology than you are, but we are not your 24/7 on-call IT help desk. Seriously.
• Having us back home does not mean that you’ve instantly acquired a new, unpaid chauffer/maid/butler/handservant/ gopher. We can run a few errands, sure. But try not to exploit our presence.
• Respect our space and our need for privacy. If it was important to us when we were kids, it’s even more important to us as adults back home.
• Continue to love us and support us unconditionally. It’s nice.”

Anthonia Akitunde

Anthonia’s full article:

Maria interviews the cast of The Guernsey Boys

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Always fun playing dress up with Frank from Let Me Be Frank Productions

‘The Guernsey Boys’ is a original production from Let Me Be Frank. This comedic style production company is topping the charts with this musical theater show.

‘The Guernsey Boys’ is set in rural Wisconsin; it’s the story of two singing groups trying to make it big, of course there are hilarious twists along the way.

This production is set in the 1950s-60s era, with the music to prove it. It includes a lot of toe tapping favorites.

My interview with this group of fun loving entertainers is on the homepage of CW14online.com

Let Me Be Frank Productions

Let Me Be Frank Productions Facebook

The Benefit for Isaiah

Never a dull moment with the cast of ‘The Guernsey Boys’


“I loath reality”- The First 2 minutes of Gaga’s New song

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This is the first two minutes of Lady Gaga’s newest music video ‘Marry The Night.’ This video is called; ‘Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathétique.’ Gaga takes us through the first two minutes, of her seven minute video with artist’s commentary. My impression, it’s creepy and interesting just like Gaga, herself. I love it!

AHHH…I just got drafted to become a GB Gambler

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Look ma I’m a Gambler

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CW 14 Star Maria – Green Bay Gambler in Training part 1: cw14online.com

Look ma’ I’m a Gambler, A Green Bay Gambler that is. What my journey as I struggle through the intense process of becoming a Green Bay Gambler.

Les Mis

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Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing; the lead actor, J. Mark McVey, and the stage manager, Trinity Wheeler, of Les Miserables  (I don’t know how to insert an accent mark…so just pretend it’s there).

Check out my interviews

Behind the Scenes of Les Miserables at the Fox Cities PAC!: cw14online.com


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Hey Everyone,

We are still working through the technical difficulties that have been plaguing CW14.

I know it is frustrating not being able to see your favorite shows. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of you that you can watch clips and full episodes of your favorite CW prime time shows online…for FREE on CWTV.com.



If you did want to catch a review of Hart of Dixie



Or of Gossip Girl…click the links below



Ian Somerhalder named one of Peoples Choice; sexiest man alive…sexy at any age.

Although Ian plays an undead hunk this very much alive smoldering Somerhalder tells people he feels the sexiest “in the morning when he is relaxed”. To see his picture and all the other studs listed in this category click on the link below.




Sarah Michelle Gellar tells Self magazine her secrets to keeping thin, self confidence, and how she enjoys life http://www.self.com/healthystars/2011/12/confidence-secrets-from-sarah-michelle-gellar-slideshow#slide=1

SMG tells the mag amongst other things that she: “doesn’t waste time reading gossip about herself, she never sets foot on a scale, and she doesn’t work on weekends” She reveals to Self that when she was 18 and working on Buffy, work was everything but, now that she has a family (husband Freddy Prinze Jr. & daughter Charlotte) her priorities have changed. To read all of SMG’s secrets to her happy life click on the link below.  Catch an all new episode of ‘Ringer’ starring Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tonight on CW14.



Lady Gaga Tweeted earlier today…

“The 17th, after my UK performance on Children In Need, I’ll tweet the opening of my new video. “MARRY THE NIGHT: THE PRELUDE PATHÉTIQUE.”

I’ll keep you in the know when I find out more on the 17th.

Happy Tuesday!